Family in Summer Lights



Photographer/Photoretoucher: Deimante Photocreations Hair by Holly, Louise, Hayley and Gemma MUA: Becca Models: Abi, Bryony, Megan and Charlotte Harness bra: Rachelle Hughes


Photo/Retouching: Deimante Photocreations © Designer: Rachelle Hughes MUA: Becca Hair: Lou and Gemma @ Fringe Art Team Models: Charlotte, Megan and Georgia

Twin Bloom

Photo/Retouching: Deimante Photocreations © Designer: Ellie Proctor MUA: Becca Hair: Gemma and Lou @ Fringe Art Team Models: Julija and Emilija

Wedding Bloom

‘Wedding Bloom’ Wedding inspired Hair and Beauty Shoot Photo/Retouching: Deimante Photocreations Hair: Agne @ Agness MUA: Alina @ a.a.mua Models: Martyna, Sandra, Hannah, Amy,  Eve and Lilah Fashion: Deimante Meilune Girls dresses: Debenhams and Monsoon

Celebrating Silver Fox!

Hair: Lou and Gemma, Fringe Art Team MUA: Becca Kimche, Urban Decay Designers: Sophie McGlade, Chandni Patel, Christina Welsh, Natalie Westley, Shona Scrutton, Annie Barsby, Marnie-Lee Davies, Jane Spindler, Rebecca Sturdy, Adam Daly, Kassie Doherty, Ailish Morton-Smith, Jessica Bannister, Nat Gurung, Natalie Westley Models: Biddy, Mary, Lin, Dave, Sue, Sharon, Caroline, Mick, Janis, Julie, Felicity, […]